What is Smetana?

“Smetana” (“Smeh-tah-naw”) is the Russian, or Slavic, word for Sour Cream.

Who is Smetana Man?

No, Smetana Man isn't a superhero, well, not in the traditional sense. He's just a guy who wants to make the world a better place by sharing his favorite culinary delight with as many people as possible.

Why is one man so passionate about Smetana?

Although he grew up in a third-generation American household, his family was tied to his Russian roots: through the language, through the community, and mostly, through the food. Smetana was a staple of all his Russian meals: Smetana with Pelmeni, Smetana with Hachipurri, Smetana with Borscht, Smetana with Piroshki - you can guarantee Smetana was involved somehow.

But he also ventured into the culinary arts and put Smetana on lasagna, microwavable burritos, and even pizza. When he entered high school, he indoctrinated his friends by pairing it with his favorite party foods: tossing a dollop of Smetana on Taquitos, Doritos, Cheetos, and beyond. Sure, he may not have been a Michelin-Star Chef, but damn it, he had heart... disease from all the saturated fat. Just kidding.

Before long, his friends went from questioning his palate to celebrating his genius, and it was at that moment that he realized he had a bigger purpose in life. And Smetana Man was born. 

How much Smetana does Smetana Man consume?

Don't ask silly questions. A lot. But if you must know, he has been known to eat 3lbs of Smetana per week. And if he misses a dose, he suffers withdrawals and needs to be rushed to the nearest Russkiy Magazin for aid. He even uses it as sunscreen, moisturizer, and hair conditioner. 

What is the Smetana Man Movement?

I don't know? Maybe the greatest thing to ever happen to The Internet? Under the influence of the one and only Smetana Man, people changed the way they consumed comfort foods and weren't afraid to shout it from the proverbial (and sometimes literal) rooftops.

Fans started posting photos and videos of themselves eating Smetana, both in the traditional ways with authentic Russian dishes and in new ways, such as with Mexican food, Italian food, and Soul food. Since July 2016, people have been engaging with the brand and have influenced their friends to stop being Smetana Haters and start becoming Smetana Lovers. Because in the world of Smetana, all are welcome.


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